Farming to Believe

This morning we went to an organic blueberry farm. The owners, growing up with nothing, fighting long and hard – now both have their doctorates and this meticulously gorgeous u-pick plantation. Such caliber of people inspires us all to reach for the stars despite our background or what we may or may not possess in the physical realm.


Here is another shot of the couple’s farm – taken inside one of their many closable greenhouse areas. To keep the produce 100% organic, these wooden planters are non-treated but preserved by coating lightly with natural oils.


This is precious Paisley – the plantation rescue.


One last picture of the farm. As a closing thought, I’m both inspired and blessed by the authenticity and realness – a depth, if you will – which brings in people of all backgrounds and beliefs in exchange for a singular common thought, and that thought is harmony. Hoping I can live a life reaching such harmony amongst all nature. Love and kisses ~ momo.



He’s facing a reality he never thought he would have to face.
He loves her with all heart,
But her ignorance will not break.
He just wants her to know he will never leave her side.
He can’t figure out how to tell her,
But he’s determined to find a way.
He has to pick the silent approach.
He sticks with her regardless of what others say,
And spends his days waiting for her.
He knows she may find another man.
He does not weary;
He will never look to another woman.
He will be alone forever before he is ever with another.
He is the threshold of hope and hopelessness.
He is the epiphany of loyalty.
She is no longer a romantic interest.
She is his best friend.

Color Interpreter

A certain beauty presents itself whilst believing a something exists which cannot be attacked
Infallible attack will present, of course – though unsuccessfully


The nothing taking not the reality of


Holding out until the very last moment, then keeping the hold even longer –
Striving off hope and lost hope; where hope is lost –
Using hope to restore faith in itself all over again –
It’s kind of weird how it works, really – the notion of believing a something –
Why believe


Every day going by makes more easy the belief in something different.

I guess one could say
Changing belief, going against the whole idea of believing anything in the first place.

Having not all not changed something believed in
major things – at least

once in occasion

Was the belief, the notion of absolute trust
stronger before or


And where we have added onto our truths
where were we not at least changing something
What is believing


What of believing


in things that can change – in things that can be molded, modified – and maybe even, slip away.
We’ve found an

never the same.


represented only by an entirety of a color wheel
a gene in every organism of nature.

All the


None the


We think
We feel

What a discombobulated MESS

Um, or is it?



Ah. No.

Hahaha… So that’s the beauty of believing…

Use as little or as many colors as

you want.


for all I care.

Believe in all you want.
Use whatever colors you may please.
Let us see
who can be more

Where the Rouges Seek

Where do the rouges seek?
At night.

The edge of the planet grasps to their boundaries,
For they know none.
And the reigns of the heavens align to their commands.
Lo the skies fall unevenly upon thy wicked,

The half and half.

Some are they –
A whole are they as one.

And the lines which spread out evenly amongst them, well

They come on long strings.

But there are none upon thy wicked
They’re coming is a circumstantial plummet.
They go well with abrasions
And even better with cash.