One Moment

I think about you every waking moment of my day,
I cannot seem to forget about you no matter how hard I try -
I have conquered sickness and brought down the empires of impossibility,
Only to be taken alive by one man who knows not what he does.

If I were to tell you I still love you,
Would you turn to walk away?
Leaving me in your mind,
Only drawing me in closer in reality.

I lay eyes before me on a barren graveyard of wearied daydreams,
My tomorrow holding no promise forasmuch I look there -
And yet the very thought of you keeps me going strong,
And the very idea of your happiness pumps the blood through my veins.

My heart hangs on strings of silver and brass,
If you pull taut enough, I can pluck them -
I can sing in the tongues of angels,
But only when I’m free.

If I were to die tomorrow,
Pass into the night just as fast as I fell for you -
Would you come to my tombstone with words of affirmation,
Or would you stay ‘aback and slowly let me slip away?

If I were to drown at sea,
The waves behold the first jealous embrace of my life -
Would you stand at the shore and stare out into your rivalry,
Or would you walk on by and give me not a single thought ever again?

If heaven takes me before you,
I’ll put your picture up high upon passing the pearly gates.
And if you were to go before me,
I’ll count out the rest of my days before I get to see you again.

If my love was a winter,
I would pour out my snow in interest of keeping you warm -
And never in interest of keeping you locked away at home.
And if you were to love not the winter nor the snow -
Let me know, and I will be your free spirited summer.

I am like the seasons.
I am like the wake of breath on your lips.
I will always be thy faithful mirage you need not worry quits.

See a Love

Can you see a love?
A love powerful enough to bring the sun around.
Harness the waves and ride them into the horizon,
Grasp the very air around you and spit it back out as water.
A love powerful enough to change existence.
A love powerful enough to tell you all about unification

having been there all along.
having been going on right under your nose.

A love strong enough to change the course of history.
Travel back in time and speak to you in the tongues of kings,
Trudge forward into the future to ensure your safety.
A love strong enough to risk everything for the sake of peace.
A love strong enough to catch your breath

and exchange it for oxygen.
and suffocate itself.

A love mysterious enough to not look like love at all.
Twist the very foundation of its own reality,
Destroy the known and create a compatibility.
A love mysterious enough to operate on death.
A love mysterious to cast a spell on bridges burned

and dry up the river once flowing from underneath them.
and render bridges entirely pointless.

My Weary Hearted’s Lullaby

The fury of burn and incest

a fire

The keep of flame

A token of our appreciations –

a time and place


and long past.

A fire for the keepers we call memories
And a

glass of water
for everyone at

A cup of sweet dreams

resting eye lids.


the restless in heart
and soul.

A kiss from heaven
To calm the memories
To comfort and to heal

A moon
And the stars

reoccurring symbols


my love for you.

Ones and Twos

We go by ones and twos,
We go by songs and blues.
Where we go we go in twos.
There’s me and there’s you.

Where we go and what we do –
I want it to be one.
You want it to be two.

You like the things not me.
You like the silent gloat.
The deeds beside –
Hover us both.

There are many things that make me crazy about you,
But only one you.
You go by twos.
I go by ones.

I do love you.

I lose.

The Art of Writing Christmas Cards

Sometimes people hurt feelings. At least for me – I can be overly emotional and quite frankly, tend to think about things too hard. It can be difficult to know how to handle the situation, what to do, or where to head with the relationship afterwards. But there’s an art to relationships, like there is with everything in life, and the important thing to do is learn how to master the art.

Now, none of us are flawless in handling relationship mishaps, or even relationships in general, for that matter. Some of us have withdrawal issues (your friends have to track you down and bring you back to them after you run off), some of us have the urge to always be best (yes, your friends forgave how you put down their favorite bands to hear of the preeminence of yours), some of us have problems effectively communicating our emotions (your friends obviously love you if they stayed with you after one of your explosions, and you’re so thankful for this). Whatever your close ones struggle to maintain, whatever you struggle with in relationship upkeep, rest assured in knowing there is an art to handling each little thing.

I wish I had all the answers and could solve everyone’s problems. But the truth is that I can’t, nor can anyone, write a book let alone a blog post on how to treat and heal relationship hiccups. We all have different relationship dynamics, different backgrounds, and different needs. That being said, to suggest there is one set formula to forming your perfect relationship would be ludicrous. There is, however, one set way to finding your perfect formula, and that’s called love.

Love can come in many different shapes and sizes; don’t be misguided in assuming love brings altogether the same actions and feelings to a relationship. Sometimes love is a firm push towards a better directive, while other times love can mean making yourself completely vulnerable to a person. There are truly an uncountable number of ways to show love, so many so in fact that it can be incredibly overwhelming and confusing to know what exactly to do when you love a person. For me personally, I’ve found one specific way to build back burned bridges and bring folks closer to together. I call it “the art of writing Christmas cards.”

I’m talking about the real deal: handwritten, personalized, snail mailed Christmas cards. Something special. Something displaying care and time. You’re going to need to know the person’s mailing address; you’re going to need to buy a couple books of stamps. There is something special about that. There’s something incredible about sitting down to write a stack of Christmas cards, taking the time to craft something specific, personalized – formatted to snugly fit those relationship dynamics and the past history. There’s also something incredible about opening up your mailbox to find a handwritten Christmas card. Incredibly incredible. I feel like this is due to the privacy and intimacy of receiving something only meant for your eyes. Sure, you could eventually hang the card on your fridge, but, originally, was it not meant for you alone? I guess one could say handwritten cards are heart-touching because there’s an assiduity in knowing it wasn’t about how many likes or comments could be racked up.

Christmas only comes once a year (obviously). I use the example of Christmas cards because it’s easy to see how writing a personalized, handwritten Christmas card could make an impact in a relationship. That being said, just imagine using this kind of approach in every day life! When you want to say something about your friend or a family member, ask yourself if you would say the same thing in a handwritten card. When you tag someone in a Facebook post, tweet, or Instagram photo, are you tagging them for them or are you tagging them for the publicity? When someone is going through a rough patch, do you leave them your condolences in the form of a bland comment, or do you privately message some heartfelt sincerity? People can see whether or not you’re staying surface. People can tell when you’re using depth. People care.

This Christmas, maybe make it official and write a stack of Christmas cards. Clear a place in your schedule to sit down and, without any distractions, take the time to really think about what each person means to you. How do they make you happy? Why are you thankful to have them in your life? Has it been a while since you’ve seen them? Invite them to coffee. If they live out of town, tell them you miss them.

All this may seem like a cliché, but this type of mindset does have the power to drastically transform and build relationships. I’ve won back distant friends and family members by simply showing I care. You can win back distant friends and family members too, and you can do so this holiday season. Just show them you care!